Across the street from Times Square, standing next to a hot dog vendor were two men in the middle of an argument. One a brunette, wearing an expensive suit stood enjoying New York’s nice weather and finest hot dog. The other, a darker haired male, wearing a similar suit just kept ranting and raving to his oblivious friend. The only thing both men wore that was the same, was a crest on the front right pocket of their blazers. A shield colored blue and gold, with two swords on the back being held by the large paws of a bear. A large “C” was embroidered on the front of the shield.

“I hate this shit!” The dark haired one said to his friend.

“If you hate it so much Nick, then why are you eating it?” The brunette replied after swallowing his lunch.

Nick turned to his companion and rolled his eyes. “I’m not talking about the food, Brian! I’m talking about this feud.”

Brian also rolled his eyes and started back towards the vendor to get seconds. “Nicky, the feud is between our boss and his competitor. As long as Boss Cabot pays me, I don’t care. And if it means I get to give the Benson crew some shit too, then life is good. Your little temper is gonna get you in the end my friend. Relax. Hell, I’ll buy you another tasty dog.”

“I don’t want another tasty dog. I want to show those bastards who run these streets!” Nick continued to pace back and forth, wrestling with his tension while Brian just watched and continued to eat.

“Calm down! Here have a smoke, and lower your blood pressure.”

“Haha, very funny.” The tense one lit up his smoke, took a deep puff and began choking as his view became quickly distracted. “Holy shit! Here comes one of those bastards now.”

On the other side of the block, walked a Black man wearing a pinstripe suit. If you look closely a his right breast pocket, you will see a crest similar to that of the Cabot employees. The only difference is the shield colors were black and gold, and behind it were crossed swords held by the paws of a tiger. A large “B” was embroidered in the front of the shield. The man continued to walk down the street, oblivious to his tense onlookers carrying a tray with starbucks lattes.

“We should do something.” said Nick.

Brian looked at his companion with a bored look. “Like what?”
“Pull out your piece! I got your back.”

“How? By walking the other direction or by overreacting? I’m not pulling it out without reason. I’ll just stare him down and let him make his move.” said Brian while adjusting his suit.

“Fine.” Nick began to adjust his tie and straighten his jacket. And stood next to his companion by the hot dog vendor. “What if I flick him off? Will it be justifiable?”

“No, it won’t. Just let it be, and see what he does.” They both continued to stare at the man as he came closer to their corner.

“How about I just act like I got something in my eye and use my middle finger to get it out?”

Brian began laughing, put both hands up in the air, and said, “Hey, it’s on you. I got your back regardless.”

Nick started poking at his eye, then stopped as soon as he heard yelling.

“HEY! YOU DISSIN’ ME?” said the man in the pinstripe suit.

“No idea what you are talking about, Sir!” said Nick as he continued to poke at his eye.

“You think you bein’ cute son? You dissin’ me, and I don’t like it one bit.”

Brian took a step in the man’s direction. “You trying to start a fight, Sir?”


Nick took a step. “You sure about that, Sir? If it’s a fight you want then it’s a fight you got. My boss is as good as yours.”

“Your boss is nowhere near as good as mine” The black man placed the tray on top of a parked car and took a couple steps toward his enemies. He slowly opened his jacket revealing a black Smith and Wesson 9mm Beretta in a shoulder holster. “And I’m gonna show you why.” Before he can reach for his weapon, both he and the Cabot men heard a man scream.

“Odafin! What is the meaning of this?” A white, brunette man with sharp green eyes approached the trio. This man was also wearing an expensive suit but in blue, with the Benson crest. He placed his hand on Odafin’s shoulder. “My friend, put your fuckin’ hands down! Look, there’s a crowd building. Uncle is gonna be upset if this keeps goin.”

“Aight, Simon. I’ll let it go.“ Fin closed his jacket and walked over towards the parked car to pick up his tray.

“Just like a dog to obey his master!” Nick screamed out loud causing a crowd to circle them. “You gonna piss on the curb and lick his boots to show your loyalty?” Nick started walking towards Fin and Simon pointing his finger.. “I expected better of you Benson bastards! You’re all a bunch of inbreds…”

“HEY! What’s a girl gotta do to get in on some of this action?” Nick cringed along with Brian as soon as they heard the feminine voice.

“Awe shit, here she comes.” Said Brian as he quickly pulled Nick to the side. Everyone turned and saw a tall, redheaded beauty wearing a lime green suit with a dark blue button shirt carrying at least six shopping bags. If you look closely, you can see a gold belt buckle with the Cabot crest engraved on it. The redhead saw her employees and made way towards them without acknowledging her enemies, for the moment anyway.

“Gentlemen, you mind holding the bags?” She said in a tone that implied it wasn’t a request. Nick and Brian looked at each other and grabbed the bags quickly then stood aside to watch the show. They both knew that as sweet as she looked, Casey Novak, niece to the senator’s wife, was really a cobra waiting to strike.

“It was a beautiful day for a shopping spree. But it looks like my day is about to get better.” Casey turned around and walked briskly towards the senator’s assistant and nephew. She stopped right in front of Simon. Only two inches shorter than him, she still carried herself with a pride that seemed taller than any man. “Good afternoon Simon. Hope your doing well.”

Simon stared her down, green eyes to green eyes, and placed his hand on Fin’s chest to hold him back. “You don’t give a rat’s ass how I am, so how bout we stop with the bullshit. My companion and I are going to carry on with our day. Step aside!“ Simon can hear Fin grinding his teeth and growling in his throat.

“Oohh, I love when you act all demanding Simon. Too bad you got the blood of pigs flowing through your veins, or else we could have hit it off. As for your little request, maybe I don’t want you to carry on. Maybe…” She leaned close to his left ear and whispered “ I want to see what color a pig’s blood looks like on this hot cement.” Before Simon could react, Casey bit his ear lobe and backed up five feet with her weapon drawn. A silver colored, Taurus 25 .25 caliber with pink pearl grips was pointed directly at his face. At this time, Nick and Brian dropped the bags and had their Berettas drawn.

“Shit! Bitch is good, I give er’ that. Crazy as fuck too.” Said Fin as he could only stand there and watch Simon clutch his ear in pain.

“Now will you walk away?” said the redhead. “Or will you act like a man, and fight me? I’ll even lower my weapon and give you a chance. C‘mon Simon, how else will I get to see you in action?”

“Your whole family is fucking nuts!" Simon looked at the blood on his hand. Fin pulled out a hankerchief from his jacket pocket and gave it to Simon which he place on his left ear. “I wouldn’t touch you with Dahmer’s hands!

Both parties were at a standstill on what to do. Casey and her boys on one end of the corner, while Simon and Fin stood on the other. Fin kept his hand in his jacket, fingering his gun. He was waiting for Simon to give the green light, then all this mess would be over.

Yelling could be heard form the large crowd that formed. “Kill em’!”, “Benson’s dogs should be put to sleep!”, “Cabot is an uptight bastard!”, “Someone call the police!”.
What the crowd isn’t paying attention to, is the black, stretch limo approaching from around the corner. The license plate and flags on the back of the limo feature the Cabot crest.

“What the hell is going on?” A middle aged, balding man screamed to his driver. “I pray it doesn’t involve one of our own. Stop the car!” The driver stopped the limo right next to the crowd. Two large men exited the limo, and made a hole through the crowd. As the senator was about to exit, he stopped and looked at his wife. “Hand me my rifle, dearest!”

“No, I will not. We are too dignified to be drawn into this mess.” The blonde debutant crossed her arms. “ I will not mess up my dress either. This is a Vera, thank you very much!”

“Woman, give me my gun! I can see Benson’s assistant and his nephew. Maybe I can have them arrested.” He stepped out of his limo and approached the ruckus.

“You act like a man! Why don’t you put down your gun and walk away like one?” Simon yelled at Casey. “I’m not scared of you.” He yelled in her direction.

“Very cute. Maybe I won‘t kill you.” She placed her non gun hand on her chest. “I would just die if I stained this outfit. It’s Dolce and Gabbana. It’s worth more than your peasant lives.”

“How true my dear niece!” Casey turned her head quickly to see her uncle walking towards her from behind. “Their lives are meaningless. Which is why there’s no point in wasting our bullets on them. I’ll just talk to the Chief of Police and have them arrested for disturbing the peace.”

“Yes, Uncle Max.” Casey just smiled at him and holstered her gun. “I’ll go wait in the car. Boys, my bags please.” Nick and Brian holstered their weapons and picked up the bags. They carried them to the limo while Senator Cabot stood his ground watching Simon. Simon stared back at Cabot. Fin stared at Cabot. The crowd was beginning to break up until more shouting was heard.

“CABOT, YOU BASTARD!” A middle aged man with shaggy brown hair cut through the crowd along with a brunette woman. “Get away from my nephew!” He walked up to Simon and Fin. “Are you both alright? Serena, stay with them while I handle this.” Benson walked toward Cabot.

“Yes, husband.” Serena looked towards Simon. “ Simon, you‘re hurt. My God.” She touched his face and reached into her purse for a clean hankercheif. Then she looked at Fin. “Are you alright Odafin? Were you hurt?”

“I was just bit by a dog Aunt Serena, we’re ok. Things just got a little out of hand.” Simon looked down at his feet. “I tried to keep it peaceful, I’m sorry.”

Serena put her finger under his chin and lifted his head. “It’s ok dear. Come. We’ll wait in the car. They all walked toward the other end of the block to an awaiting black limousine with the Benson crest on the plate and the flags.

“Daniel, long time no see. How you been? How’s the wife? And your little bo..I mean girl?” Cabot laughed along with his bodyguards who still held the crowd back. “I’m sorry Daniel, ol’ friend. You just can’t tell nowadays. With the way you let her behave.“ Benson just stood there shaking with rage, his fists clenching open and closed, and his teeth grinding. Cabot blinked when realized he was no longer on his feet but on the ground looking up at his archenemy. “You son of bitch!” He was helped to his feet by his guards. “You’ll pay for this. The Chief is on his way and you’ll end up in a cozy cell with your brats!”

“I AM NOT ARRESTING ANYBODY!” A bald man wearing a police uniform yelled amongst the crowd. “EVERYONE GO HOME NOW! Except for the senators!”

Cabot held his jaw and pointed at Benson. “I want to press charges. That bastard hit me.”

Chief Cragen stood between both senators. “Both of you are animals! You choose to destroy your fellow human being, than to attempt to live in peace. I have been called to at least three disturbances involving your family and employees over meaningless circumstances. What the hell do I have to do to get you both to see reason. Why, oh why do you choose to hurt one another than to greet each other with civility? That’s it! I said for everyone to go home! I’m tired of these civilians getting involved in business that is not theirs because they are on the side of Senator Cabot.” He looks at Cabot cradling his jaw. “Or Senator Benson.” He looks at Benson holding his right hand. Chief Cragen grabs both men by the front of their shirts. “If I am called to one more disturbance, your whole fucking family will be sitting at Riker’s. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?” He shoved both men away from him. He looked over his shoulder at Benson. “Senator Benson, I need to see you at city hall later this evening.” He than looked over his other shoulder. “Senator Cabot, I need to have a word with you now.” Chief Cragen walked over to his police cruiser. Cabot followed suit but kept his eyes on Benson.

“This isn’t over, Daniel.”

Benson stared back with the same intensity. “You bet your ass it isn’t.” He turned away and walked back to the limo. Once inside, he sat against his wife with his eyes closed. “Can your pour me a drink, nephew?”

Simon reached towards the mini bar across from his seat. He grabbed a glass and filled it with ice. Then poured his uncle three fingers of Jack. Daniel took the glass and smiled after he let the glass sit on his throbbing knuckles.

“Simon, my boy. What happened?”

“Odafin was being harassed by Cabot’s employees before I got there. I stepped in to break it up. Before I knew it, the harpie showed up and made things worse. Damn Casey! I told her to leave us alone but she wouldn’t let us by. I’m sorry uncle, I should’ve tried harder.” Simon lowered his head into his right hand while his left still held the hankerchief on his earlobe.

“It’s ok. Things could have been worse, Simon. I’m just glad my baby wasn’t here for that. I couldn’t take it if she got hurt.” Serena looked at her husband. “Has she gotten any better, dear?”

Daniel closed his eyes and gulped his entire glass. He took a deep breath and said “No. She’s been like this for days. She locks herself in her room and listens to music all day and night. If I hear one more Nirvana song, I’m throwing her stereo out the window!” He looks at Simon. “Simon, do you know what’s going on?

The brunette looked at the floor. “No, I have no idea. Every time I try to talk to Olivia, she just stays quiet. I saw her this morning but she gave me the cold shoulder. I guess she’ll talk when she’s ready.”

The limo continued it’s drive through the crowded streets of Manhattan. Simon noticed they were passing Central Park. “Uncle, can you drop me off by the reservoir? I have a feeling that’s where Olivia is at.”

Daniel picked up the limo’s phone and waited until the driver answered. “Head over to the reservoir entrance at East 90th street! Thank you.” He hung up and smiled to his nephew. “Talk to your cousin. Find what is troubling her so I can do whatever I can to make it better.”

“I’ll do my best, uncle.”

The dark limo pulled up to the entrance. Simon hugged his uncle and kissed his aunt on the cheek. He smacked Fin’s shoulder and said “Later.” He entered the park and made his way towards the park benches by the waterfront. It was a beautiful view. The infamous New York City skyline in the mid afternoon. No wonder a lot of people like to come here. Well, there’s only one person he’s interested in finding. As he scans all the benches, his eyes stop on a figure sporting short brown hair, head tilted back wearing a pair of shades. Bingo thought Simon. He approached the bench and abruptly took a seat next to the same figure.

“God! What does a girl have to do to be left the fuck alone?”

“Good afternoon to you too, cuz!” Said Simon with a big grin on his face.

Olivia sat up, looked at her cousin then looked back towards the park entrance. “Afternoon already! Where does the time go?” She took a drag from her cigarette and asked, “Mom and dad in the limo?”

“Simon snatched her cig and took a drag. “Yep. You have them worried to hell about you. Go say hi!”

Olivia pulled out her pack of reds, and pulled out another cigarette. Before she lit it, she looked at Simon. “No. I’m not in the mood. I’m sure that’s not the first time a girl said that to you.” She smiled and took a drag.

Simon rolled his eyes and took a drag of his stolen smoke. He stood up, turned around and waved to the limo. The limo left shortly after. He sat back down and placed an arm around his baby cousin and flicked the cigarette butt. “Talk to me or I’ll bother you aaaalllll day!”

Olivia shrugged his arm off and stood up. “There’s nothing to talk about. I just want to be alone right now. It’s not like I won’t be forever anyway.” She walked toward the fenceline and stared at the water. She threw her cigarette in. “I’m destined to be alone.”

Simon got up and walked to his baby cousin. She’s in love. He squeezed her shoulder in a brotherly manner and smiled. “Who broke your heart, cuz?”

Olivia just chuckled. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.” Simon grabbed her arm and pulled her back towards the bench. They sat down. Then he dug in her leather jacket pocket while she sat there in disbelief. “Ah ha!” He held her pack and pulled out a cig. After he lit it, he took a deep drag and leaned back on the bench. “Tell me all about it.”

“Fine. It was Monique.” Simon choked on his smoke. Olivia rolled her eyes in the middle of his choking fit. “Really? Simon? Are you serious?” Simon started pounding his chest with his fist. Olivia noticed he was no longer coughing, but laughing. “It’s not funny. I’m really hurting here.” Simon stopped laughing immediately.
“I’m sorry. You gotta admit. It’s funny. I never would have expected you, to fall for a snob…” Simon gulped loudly at the look on Olivia’s face. She was not happy. “Why are you even pursuing her. She is a bit conceited." A bit my ass. “You can do better.”

Olivia grabbed a fistful of her own hair. “I don’t want better. I wanted her. But she won’t listen to words of love, she won’t accept my gifts and she won’t even let me get in her pants!”

Simon couldn’t stay serious any longer. “Haha! She won’t give it up! Wow. That’s interesting.”

“That’s not the worse of it.” Simon looked at her waiting for more. “She’s a virgin.” Simon still looked perplexed. Olivia look annoyed. “AND SHE’S STAYING THAT WAY!” Simon looked at his depressed cousin and came to one conclusion.

“You need to get laid! OW!" Simon held his head between his hands. “I’m already hurt and you gotta hurt me more? C’mon Liv!”

Olivia looked closely at his head and noticed the dry blood on the left side of his neck. “Oh my God. What happened?”

“Casey and her goons happened. It was just bullshit so don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. Your dad took care of it.” Simon just smiled. “But we’re straying off topic here. Why is she staying ‘untouched’?”

Olivia hugged her cousin’s head and said “Cuz, she’s gonna be a nun.”

“I guess that explains why she always turned me down.” Simon hugged his cousin back.

“She turned you down cuz your ugly." Simon picked up his cousin and placed her on the bench. Then looked at her with a big smile and wiggled his eye brows.

“I am a handsome fellow, if I do say so myself. Especially being a Benson. I’m destined for greatness.” He stood up and flexed his arms. “I am the manliest in this family.”

Olivia looked up and laughed at his silliness and attempt to make her feel better. She stood up and stared at his green eyes. “You are not the manliest in this family. She walked a few feet toward the park entrance. Stopped and looked over her shoulder at Simon. “I am!”

Simon laughed loudly and ran up to his cousin. He put an arm around her. “You’re not alone, Livvy.” He turned her around, facing him and looked into her eyes. “You got me and the rest of the family. And our motley crew of friends. Forget Monique. You’re gonna find love someday.” Olivia snickered. “No, really. It’s gonna be that kind of love that you’ll wanna give everything for. Even your life.” Olivia stood amazed that Simon could be this deep.
“Thank you, Simon. Yeah, thanks. Let’s go get something to eat.” She shoved him off her and started laughing.

“You know what else, Livvy?”

“What Simon?”

“I need another cigarette.”

“No. I’m almost out.”


Softly we tremble tonight,
Picture perfect fading smiles are all that’s left in sight,
I said I’ll never leave you’ll never change
I’m not satisfied with where I’m at in life.

Am I suppose to be happy?
With all I ever wanted , it comes with a price.
Am I supposed to be happy?
With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
You said, you said you would die for me…
Your Guardian Angel
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


Daughter and heir to Senator and Mrs. Benson. Sixteen years old, beautiful, intelligent and passionate. Has no desire to live in the violent feud which involves her family and the Cabots. However prefers to live in the interest of love and go to the extremes to prove how serious she is in said interest. Her family is aware of her life style choices and turns the other cheek in order to keep their only daughter safe and content.

Democratic Senator, Olivia’s father and head of the Benson Household. Also the bitter enemy of Senator Cabot. Does whatever he can to support his daughter but continues to worry over her constant sadness.

SERENA BENSON (Lady Montague)
Wife of Senator Benson and mother to Olivia. Supportive of the decisions her daughter makes but also worries she may fall victim to the feuding families.

Olivia’s best friend and brother in arms. Kin to the Chief of Police. Tires of Olivia’s idealistic views on love. Believes love should be used for sexual purposes and attempts to sway Olivia’s nature. He also short tempered and very sarcastic. Regardless of Olivia’s views on life, he will defend his sister at arms at all costs.

Senator Benson’s nephew and cousin to Olivia. Thoughtful and obedient. Prefers to bring peace among violent situations.

Olivia’s servant. Very obedient and dedicated to his mistress.

Senator Benson’s servant. Streetwise but also dedicated and obedient.

Daughter of Senator and Mrs. Cabot. At the age of fourteen, a free spirit unsure of herself , her sexuality and the world around her which resulted from the lack of freedom in her home. Has little or no thoughts of love and marriage. Beautiful, intelligent and obedient to her parents, name and church. Her only confidante, Elizabeth, the nanny. The woman that raised her.

Republican Senator, Alexandra’s father and head of the household. Walks through life demanding respect and loyalty. Loves his daughter immensely, and wants what is best for her regardless of her feelings. Holds bitter and angry feelings towards the Benson clan for unknown reasons. He wants to marry his daughter off to someone of high class and political power in order to remain in power himself as a church going republican.

Wife of Senator Cabot and mother to Alexandra. Obedient to her husband and name, holds her position as a senator’s wife to heart. Loves her daughter and hopes to see her marry a man of power in order to live a wealthy life as she had. Has no idea how to relate to her daughter due to lack of maternal behavior so she relies on her nanny, Elizabeth for moral support.

Nanny to Alexandra since birth. Best friend and confidante. Loyal to the Cabots, but more so to Alexandra. Fights with Alexandra regarding her views on life and love. Still she hopes her surrogate daughter finds a handsome man to marry. Hopefully with money and some power too.

Niece to Mrs. Cabot and cousin to Alexandra. Has a strong sense of loyalty to the Cabot name and a strong hatred for Benson clan. Very conceited, aggressive and violent, she’s willing to draw blood from a member of the Benson family to prove her seriousness. She chooses her pride over any chance of peace between the families.

NICK POTTER (Samson) and BRIAN PELUSO (Gregory)
Cabot servants who like Casey, hate the Benson clan and is willing to fight to prove their loyalty to Cabot.

DONALD CRAGEN (NYC Chief of Police)
Keeper of the peace in the city. In charge of maintaining the low rate of crime and violence, he worries it will escalate due to the never ending war between the feuding families. He is kin to both Elliot and James.

Kin to the Chief of Police. A Congressman looking to court and possibly wed Alexandra. He is extremely conceited and an intellectual. Senator Cabot believes the connections James holds in office will keep him in political power and is considering the courtship between him and his daughter.

Ex-girlfriend to Olivia. Chooses to live a life of chastity as a nun leaving Olivia broken hearted.

JOHN MUNCH (Friar Lawrence)
Friend to both Olivia and Alexandra. Man of the church who’s views are more liberal than political. Believes love conquers all regardless of gender or despair.




Just like a kid in a candy store, Olivia was all too excited when she entered Best Buy. Like all children, they have to have an adult with them in order to prevent the child from causing chaos....and Alex was that adult. The detective walked all the way towards the back of the store doing what she does best. Searching. Searching for the perfect entertainment center. Olivia has just bought a brand new 57" flat screen LCD for the upcoming world series game between the Yankees and the Red Sox. The important thing..Alex doesn't know.  
"Liv! Wait up!" Alex had to move faster to keep up with her woman on a mission. Unit she finally caught her rooted to one spot. She followed her lover's gaze and nearly dropped her jaw. They were both staring at a 6 foot tall, black cherry wood entertainment center. "Parker House Bordeaux. Oh my God, I'm in love." Alex glared at her lover. "HEY! What the hell am I? Chopped liver?" Olivia wasn't even listening. She looked around for a sales clerk. "Wow! That thing will be able to hold my new tv." Oliva turned abruptly and went in search of an employee.  Alex followed her lover. Olivia stopped when she saw a pimply looking white kid standing by the video games. He wore the stupid blue store shirt. "Hey kid!" Olivia yelled across the store. Alex covered her face. She was becoming embarrased with her girlfriend's rudeness. "Yes maam. What can I do for you?" The kid with the yellow name tag that said "Chad" on it asked.
"You can start by not calling me maam ever again. And two, I want that entertainment center over there." Olivia pointed to the black cherry wood object on the other side of the video games. "Sure thing ma...umm...miss" "It's detective, you feel better?" Olivia interrupted. "Yes detective. Did you want it in black? It also comes in brown. What size tv do you have?" As Olivia answered the kid's questions, Alex was getting impatient. She took out the pink stress ball she carried around for work and..."OW!!! What the fu...ooohhh, hey baby. You're still here?" Said the hurt cop as she placed a hand on the back of her head to rub out the pain.  "Of course I'm still here. What are you doing? You said we were going to buy a couple dvds and go home." The poor sales clerk just stood there looking at both women. Unsure of what to do, he began to walk away until he felt the back of his shirt come off his back. Olivia grabbed him and said, "You go take care of what we talked about, and I'll be there in a minute." "Yes detective!" He ran back to the register.
"Oooollllivia!! Want to tell me what the hell is going on?" The brunette just stared at her obviously angry girlfriend with folded arms and those glasses...dear God those glasses. "Nothing pookie. I just wanted to make our apartment look even nicer." Olivia used her best charming smile and attempted to approach her beloved. "Bullshit! What's this crap about a new tv?" Alex backed up a few feet. "You have got 10 seconds to explain youself detective." Using the lawyer tone she saves for suspects. "If not, I'm going to go home and place your bedding on the couch." Olivia attempted to stand strong and compete in a glaring contest with the attorney. Didn't last long. "Baby, the big game is tomorrow. I invited the guys over. And it would be so much better to watch with a large flat screen, and a big entertainment center with surround sound. Please baby! Can i have it? I'll do anything...aahh shit." The poor detective muttered as she realized what her final words were. She knew she made a mistake when she saw the blues of her lover's eyes brighten and the smirk form on her face. "You win. You get your toys." Alex kissed Olivia's cheek and began to walk away until Olivia's voice stopped her. "Do I even get a hint?" Alex just looked over her shoulder and said "Let's just say it's going to be a long night." She saw Alex head towards the dvds. Maybe it'll be a good night after all. Olivia thought as she headed to the register to buy her prize.

Three hours later

"No! God Alex, I can't go through this anymore! I promise I won't buy anything without telling you first." Olivia begged. "Please no more."
"Geez, Liv it is not that serious. I'm having fun." Said the ADA as she got up from the couch and removed the dvd. "I thought Yentl was a lovely movie." Olivia got up and ran to the kitchen to grab a couple beers. She came back and sat on the couch while chugging the beer. "Come on Livvy. I am soo glad you got the tv and the entertainment center is so nice. Who knew a Barbara Streisand Marathon would be a great test for it." Olivia downed the first beer and proceeded to chug the second. "So, you ready for more Barbara?" Alex had an evil glint in her eye. Olivia looked at the glint and had to ask, "How many more?" Alex gave her beloved a kiss on the cheek. "Only one more." Olivia exhaled the breath she was holding. "Until tomorrow night. We can watch the other five I bought." Yup, Olivia thought. Definately a good night. NOT!


"Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not...."

"LIV, SHUT UP!! My driving is not that bad." Alex said as she turned a sharp corner causing the back  tire to jump the curb. Olivia remained glued to the passenger seat of Alex's brand new 2008 baby blue BMW 135i Coupe. With hands gripping the dashboard, Olivia slowly turned her head towards the insane driver. " you slow down just a little?" Alex looked at Olivia like she grew another head. "I'm only going 50 Liv." 
"You're going through an alley..Shit!!  Lookout!"  The coupe sped through the side street almost knocking over a homeless man who was walking to his cart. 
"Well, he shouldn't have been there. Geez, this homeless problem is getting worse. They're just all over the place." Alex knew going for a drive would be a great way to spend this beautiful day. Olivia wish she knew going for a drive with Alex would not be a great way to spend her day off. 

Alex ran into Olivia's apartment. She found her detective on the couch watching Jerry Springer. "Liv, what the hell is that?" Olivia just kept her eyes on the tv and replied, "Oh! It's midget transvestite week. Ya see, that chick is really a guy waiting for his surgery. And that guy has been sleeping with that tranny but doesn't know she is a he. A midget he." Olivia laughed at herself. "They're both midgets too." Alex stood there confused. She saw Olivia was really into the tv show. "Livvy, I got great news!" Lucky a commercial was on. Olivia faced her girlfriend. "What's up baby?" Alex showed the good cop a set of BMW keys. She noticed Olivia's raised eye brow. "Liv, my mom bought me a car. She said it was to celebrate my win yesterday in the Mitchell case. Let's go for a ride!" Olivia smiled at her girlfriend's giddyness. Until the show came back on. Alex was getting annoyed. "Oh shit!! Look they're fighting baby! HAHAHA! There they go...Oh damn. That hurt. Wow, she..he wat the fuck ever is picking up the chair! This is g..." Olivia shut up as soon as she felt a set of lips and a tongue enter her mouth. 
Alex broke the kiss and stared into lust filled brown eyes. "Livvy bear...if you go with me, we can have some fun in the car." She started playing with the brunettes hair. "We can even go parking." Ding! that did it. Olivia shut off the tv and dragged her beloved out of the apartment and down the stairs while Alex laughed the whole way. 

The things she did for sex with Alex. Now she was scared she may never feel the blonde's body again. So she just continued to pray and ask for forgiveness. Olivia gripped the door handle as soon as Alex made another sharp turn on to the on ramp for the belt parkway. "Where are we goin, Lex?" "Don't know. Don't care. I'm just having fun." Alex looked over and looked into a pair of frightened eyes. "Am I really a bad driver, Liv?" Olivia just stared through the windshield as Alex crossed over two lanes without using a turn signal or her mirrors. Nope, she wasn't going to burst Alex's bubble. "No sweetie. You just took me by surprise, that's all." Alex beamed and stepped on the gas a little harder. Olivia hoped she wouldn't burn out the engine. "It's getting late babe, how bout we head back home?" Alex just kept her eyes forward and didn't say a word. "Alex, you ok?" Still nothing. Maybe she's mad at me or something. Olivia stared out the window and noticed a change in scenery. "Alex, are we in Brighton Beach?" Alex proceeded to park the car outside of starbucks underneath the Q subway line. "Yeah, I love walking on the boardwalk. Since it's such a nice warm night, I figured we could get a couple of iced coffees and walk around for a bit. If that's ok?" Olivia wrapped her arms around the attorney and just held her. She kissed her neck and said, "Of course it's ok. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day, love." She broke the hig and looked into a set of beautiful baby blues. "I have just one request." Alex raised her eyebrow and replied, "Yes?" Olivia cupped Alex's face and kissed her deeply. When she pulled away, she asked, "Can I drive us back?"


Olivia always thought she was blessed to have a cast iron stomach. Even in her svu rookie days, she never once got sick. She's seen Elliot turn green once or twice, and he was a freakin marine. Even Fin has gotten a little green behind his gills. And that man was raised in the hood! The brunette didn't even want to think about Munch. That man can watch the part in the Kennedy assassination where his head was blown off a hundred times over and not blink. So he was good. Plus carrying around a small jar of vicks for the smell of corpses is a smart move in her book. No. Nothing has ever made her sick to the point of having deja vu with her lunch. That was until today.

"Alex, I'm home baby." Olivia walked into the two story brownstone she shared with her wife. She hung up her prized leather jacket, removed her badge and gun and placed them on the coffee table. "Alex!" Olivia walked into the kitchen continuing the search for her wife. She stopped abruptly when she saw the kitchen was in disarray. A kitchen knife was left on the cutting board along with an opened jar of pickles. Pickle juice spilled on the table. The tub of rocky road was left open with the lid on the table but a spoon sticking out. Orange peels all over the sink. Good God, are those fish bones in there too? Last but not least, the blender was on the counter with brown colored chunks still in there. The detective was baffled. What on earth did you do, Al? She left the kitchen and went up the stairs to the bedroom to locate her destructive wife. As she approached the bedroom, she was about to panic when she heard the most annoying theme song in the world.

Thank you for being a friend. Travel down the road and back again. Your heart is true. You're a pal and a confidant.

Oh hell no! I am not sittin through the damn Golden Girls. Olivia walked right into the bedroom to find a frightening sight. More than any crime scene could cause. In her bed, she found a 5 month pregnant blonde wearing pigtails, a black sex pistols t-shirt that was obviously too tight now, baggy flanel pajama pants and the glasses of justice bobbing her head to the theme music. The scene got worse. In her wife's hand was a large beer glass filled with the same color concoction she found in the blender. She was told that pregnant women often get weird cravings, but this was just freaking gross!

"Allie.." Olivia called out meekly. Alex looked up and gave her wife the biggest smile. She paused her dvd. "Baby you're home! Come here, I wanna kiss." Which was said before she took a big gulp of the sludge in the glass. "O...k.." The poor brunette walked over and went to place a kiss on Alex's forehead, until Alex moved her head to catch Olivia's lips with her own. The detective taken by surprise when she felt a tongue enter her mouth, just went along with it. Yes, she could taste the sludge. Yes, it was makin her nauseous, but she still went along with it. It was usually a bad sign to piss off her ADA wife, but it got even worse when said wife got pregnant. Goddamn baby hormones!  She broke off the kiss as smooth as possible and said, "Sweetie, what are you drinking?" Alex lifted the glass and said "This? It's a smoothie." Olivia cringed from just looking at it. "What's in it Al?" The blonde took another gulp of it, and  smiled before letting out a very unladylike belch. "Umm..pickles, oranges, ice cream and salmon. Why? You want some?" As soon as the glass got close to Olivia's nose, she hauled ass in to the bathroom across the bed and shut the door. The sounds of heaving could be heard. Alex disgusted with her wife's rude antics, pressed play on the dvd player and continued to watch her show. Liv must've caught a bug at work. I hope I don't catch it. Alex finished off the rest of her smoothie.



Wow! She sure is beautiful, Olivia thought. The way her blonde hair was done up but leaving a few strands out to frame the side of her face. And how it helps bring out the blue in her eyes. The beautiful white dress, designer made of course. Which? Olivia couldn't tell you. All she knew was Levi and Polo. That's about it.  She really does look like an angel. Why am I so nervous? Olivia started fidgeting in her tux. She was trying to relax and keep track of what was going on. It wouldn't do if I forgot my place. Hell, Alex wouldn't let me hear the end of it.  Olivia was trying to pay attention to the priest. She kept looking at Alex and back to floor. She still couldn't stop her right hand from digging into her pants pocket. She knew she shouldn't do it because of where she was and who was watching but she couldn't help it. The time was getting closer for her part and she was scared she would mess it up. She looked back at Alex again who was watching her in return. Alex sensing her discomfort gave her a small smile and a wink. Oliva blushed and looked down at the ground. Then back up at the priest. She was trying to pay attention to what the priest was saying.

"May I have the rings?" said the elderly man dressed in black. This was it, Olivia thought. For a moment she forgot what she was supposed to do. "The rings please." Olivia looked up at the priest and couldn't remember where the ring was.

"Liv, you ok?" Elliot asked. Olivia still couldn't remember where the ring was. "Liv, I need you to wake up." Elliot whispered.
"El, I can't find the ring!" Olivia was about to panic. "Oh God, where is the ring?" she whispered to herself.
"Liv. Liv!. Olivia!" She stopped and looked at Elliot's boyish blue eyes. "Liv, look at your finger!" Olivia looked down at her right hand. She was finally able to breathe again. She found the ring on her index finger. Laughing, she took it off and handed it to Elliot. He smiled and said "Liv, relax. I'm the one getting remarried." Olivia looked back up at him and smiled. "Geez, Liv. If you're this bad just being my best man, imagine what it will be like when you're the groom. If that day ever comes." He smiled again and looked back at the priest as he placed the ring on Kathy's finger. Olivia look at Alex again and saw a big smile on her face. Geez Liv, If you act like this at Elliot's wedding, how would you act when it's our turn? Someday.

What Elliot and Alex didn't know was Olivia hoped that her wedding day would come soon as she put her right hand back into the pocket that held a blue velvet box with a diamond engagement ring. Gotta love overtime!

As soon as the blissful vows were made and the priest announced the reunion of Mr. and Mrs. Stabler, the wedding party began to follow them out of the church.  Olivia with Alex, the maid of honor on her arm behind the Stablers. Munch and Casey behind them, followed by Fin and Melinda. 



Rocky Road thru the Alphabet

Hi folks, me again. Im feelin pretty creative again and i figured y not. i wana play n this while alphabet thing too lol. so i wrote another one. feel free to take a look. i hope u guys like it. ill do B tomorrow. already got an idea for that one. and thanx to u awesome chicks that read my other story. im takin ur advice and gonna keep goin  on this trip. lets c where it takes me lol.


Rocky Road thru the alphabet (A$$H*LE)



Startled out of her daydream, Olivia almost fell out of her chair. "Dammit Al, what is it?"
"Don't what is it me, Olivia. You have been staring at the bar for the past 3 minutes! Is there someone there catching your attention? If so, I wouldn't want to keep you!"
Damn it! This was not suppose to happen tonight. How do I tell the woman I love what's been goin through my mind. SHIT! She's about to get up! "Alex! Wait!" Olivia pleaded.
The attorney sat back down and stared at her coworker's dark brown eyes. Please Liv, don't be like the others. Please say you thought you saw a perp, or an old colleague. Not someone who has taken your eyes away from me.

Tonight the detective and her ADA were having dinner at Bar American. It was suppose to be a romantic evening, in which our heroin detective will ask our beloved attorney to move their relationship to the next level. What Olivia doesn't know is that Alex feels the same way.

Olivia reached over the table and took Alex's hand in hers. "Alex I swear I wasn't looking at anyone." Alex looked back over at the bar and then brought her eyes back to the brunette's. Olivia could tell Alex was still a bit skeptical. "Alexandra. I swear on my badge, my gun and my life there is no one in the world that could ever take my eyes away from you." That worked. Alex squeezed Olivia's hand and just nodded her head for fear that Olivia might hear the oncoming sob in her voice. Alex took a couple of deep breaths and composed her self. "Why were you staring over at the bar for so long?" she asked. Olivia hesitated. "Because of that asshole sitting over there." Alex turned her head again and spotted an irish looking man with light reddish brown hair. She didn't notice him at first because she was looking at the bar in search of women, not men. "Why are you looking at him, Liv?" "Because Captain Asshole hasn't stopped looking at you since he walked out of the kitchen, and I'm about to get up and arrest his dumbass!" Alex couldn't hold back the smirk on her face. "On what grounds, Detective?" "For staring at my girlfriend like she was on the menu, those grounds! Damn it!" Oliva rushed out the words before the usually clever detective could catch them.
"Staring at your what?" Alex leaned closer across the table at the now blushing and bumbling detective.
"Um..Ummm..AH TO HELL IT WITH IT!" Olivia spoke loudly enough to catch the attention of patrons in the restaurant, the staff, and of course the gentleman sitting at the bar.
Olivia didn't care anymore. "Alexandra Cabot, I'm tired of not being able to define our relationship. I'm tired of mixed signals. I'm tired of either of us getting up in the middle of the night to go back to an empty apartment. I want to be an US! I want to be with you exclusively, and whole heartedly. I am in love with you and the reason I spaced out for so long was because I was thinking of so many way I can rip that.." Points to the guy at the bar. "Guy's eyes out for staring at..Yes! MY GIRLFRIEND!" Olivia stopped her rant and lookd at Alex. The blonde remained speechless and staring at the detective. Staring. Staring until her eyes started to tear up. Staring and realizing that this wonderful detective loved her. That this wonderful, beautiful detective wanted to be with her. Staring and becoming incredibly turned on that this wonderful, beautiful and incredibly sexy detective was willing to kick some guy's ass for just looking at her. Yup, dinner's over. Time for dessert!

The Blonde woke up from her daydream to see the nervous look in her soon to be bedmate's eyes. "God, I love you!" Alex jumped up from her chair, wrapped her arms around the brunette and kissed her with so much force, the chair almost fell over. They remained that way until a round of applause from the staff and patrons woke them from their moment. "Al, maybe we should get the check?" "Uhh..good idea." As they both looked up to signal the waiter, they heard a coughing sound. They both looked behind Alex to see that same gentleman from the bar. Olivia stood up."Can I help you?" she asked. Feeling pretty nervous, the guy responded. "Um no. You see..after what took place. I can't let you pay for your meal. Its on the house." Olivia looked at Alex and then back to the guy. "Who are you?" "I'm the guy that owns the place. The name is Bobby. Bobby Flay. And I was really touched by what you told your girlfriend." Olivia placed a possessive arm around Alex's waist.  "If I had a girlfriend like her, I'd never let her go." He shook both their hands and walked back towards the kitchen. Olivia looked at Alex and kissed her lips, then said "Believe me pal, I don't plan on it."

Nursery Rhymes

Olivia Benson sat on the couch holding a beer in her right hand and an ice pack in her left which was held next to a bruised jaw. She sat there glaring at the amusing blue eyes of her girlfriend Alex Cabot who was trying so hard to keep a straight face.
"It's not funny, Alex!"
"On the contrary my love, I think it's rather hilarious." Alex then fell into full blown laughter. "I send you both to deliver a warrant and you end up being part of a three stooges show."
Olivia annoyed, thought back to earlier in the afternoon when some things don't always go as planned.

"Elliot, you got the warrant?"
"Yeah, you ready?"
"Do it!"  Elliot banged his large fist on the door three times. "JACOB WATERS! POLICE! OPEN THE DOOR OR WE'RE COMING IN!"

Hearing no answer, Elliot looked at Olivia. She nodded. Before the former marine could get into a stance, the door opened and a large white guy came hurling out. He ran towards Olivia thinking he could run through her, but wasn't counting on Elliot to gather his momentum right away and attempt to jump on him. Which in turn caused Waters to swing wildly and catch Olivia on the left side of her face. She immediately lost balance and ended up with both Elliot and Waters on top of her. Elliot managed to get off and pick up Waters.
"Liv, you ok?"
Olivia just laid there staring at the ceiling dazed replied "Yeaaaa...El. I'm fucking Peachy! Now if our suspect is restrained properly, could you help me the fuck up?!"

A trip to the ER later determined the brunette to sustain a pulled back muscle and a bruised jaw including desk duty for two weeks ordered by a Captain who found the situation rather humorous. Followed by a call from a frantic ADA, Olivia was on top of the world. Until the pain meds wore off and Elliot admitted to telling Alex what happened which brings her back to the present.

"Well, Liv. At least you weren't seriously hurt." Except your pride, Alex thought. She got up and went into the kitchen leaving Olivia to sulk on the couch. The sound of running water was heard. As soon as it was shut off, Alex walked back to the living room with a hot water bottle.
"Liv, sit up for me. Slowly." 
Doing as she was told, Olivia grunted in pain. Alex slipped the bottle behind her girlfriend in hopes that would ease the pain besides the meds. Alex went back to the kitchen and returned with a glass of water and two pain pills. "Drink these, you'll feel better. Now no more whining and pouting." Olivia relaxed against the couch and was about to doze off when she felt Alex's lips against hers. "I really was worried baby. But you're okay, and your going to stay off your feet and relax. I'll take care of you."
Alex sat next to Olivia and started rubbing Olivia's hair away frm her forehead in a soothing manner causing her to completely relax against her lover's touch. Until Alex started giggling again.
"Al, are you serious?" Olivia said with one eye open. Alex covered her mouth with her hand and said "Baby, I'm so sorry. I was thinking of a nursery rhyme."
"What rhyme would that be, Counselor?" Olivia said dripping with sarcasm.
"Liv and El went up the hill to fetch...ppffffff..wait a sec." Olivia was starting to tense again. "Ok, Ok. You'll think it's funny when i'm done. I promise. Liv and El went up the hill to fetch a perp named Waters." Olivia had already opened both eyes and was glaring at the blonde. "Liv fell down, and broke her crown and El came tumbling after." Alex was now in full blown laughter. Olivia started shaking her head wondering who she pissed off to endure such torture. Well at least the pills were kicking in. Alex sensed this, kissed Olivia on her forehead and got up from the couch.
"Yes love?"
"You're...." Olivia was about to pass out. Alex walked up to her. "Liv?"
"Al?" Olivia whispered.
"Yes sweetie. what is it?"
"You're an idiot." The only sound after was snoring from the detective. Alex stood there annoyed that her girlfriend got the last word in. Well, we'll see about that when you can't find your meds in the morning.


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